Cloud Based Forecourt Automation Solution for Africa

Epump improves the stations' ability to monitor, control and grow their business while reducing theft, fraud and revenue leakage.

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Simple Automation With No Downtime


We hate it that you have to lose sales to downtime when you are deploying technology, so invested heavily in research and development to ensure your operations run smoothly.

check circle Zero civil work for pump automation

Our controllers are installed one pump at a time while the rest of your pump continues to serve your customers, this ensures business continuity even while we are doing the magic of automation.

check circle Operational guarantee (no single point of failure)

Electronics can and will develop fault at one point in the future, traditional forecourt controllers will prevent all of your pumps from dispensing when this happens. Epump isolates the fault to a single pump and ensures the remaining pump can continue dispensing while the faulty pump receives attention.

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Remote Monitoring

Never get out of touch with your business.

check circle Realtime Update

We provide you with up to the minute sales data, stock level, payment channel, information wherever you are

check circle Accurate Report

Understand your stations sales pattern, historical data, customers purchase pattern and many other data point with comprehensive and flexible reports

check circle Important Alerts and Notifications

Get notified via emails notifications when critical events like price changes, pump disconnection happens

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Payment Integration

Payment is an integrated part of your business as well as it is core to Epump. Connect your payment process to your sales process to give your customers assurance of value for their purchases with matching reports to help you optimize each payment channel.

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Connected Payment Terminals

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Banking Reconciliation

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Expense Management


Cashless, Cardless Payment

Loyalty & Reward

Create repeat sales in your station by identifying value customers and rewarding them for their patronage to create a repetitive sales pattern.


Accept Voucher

Epump vouchers are processed directly by your pump and pump are automatically programmed to dispense the value of the voucher.


Points and Rewards

Epump allows you to process the Remis fuel card or your own custom brand fuel card.

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Know Your Customers

Epump helps you identify your customers by segment for reward and loyalty scheme.

Experience Our Awesome Products

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iconEpump GO

Epump Go is a one in class forecourt controller, designed with the African technical and economic environment in focus. Epump go equips each pump on the forecourt with the capacity to do more, report to cloud, interface with payment devices, provide connectivity to other equipment through serial, wi-fi or Bluetooth interface.... Epump go leaves no room for error or deception , as all transactions are logged on the devices’ internal memory and synced to a central server. Station owners can easily access reports from anywhere in the world, anytime, from any internet-connected device. In addition, periodic emails give you a true picture of your station's operations

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iconAutomatic Tank Gauges

Epump supports a wide variety of ATEX certified Automatic tank gauges to accurately measure your stock level accurately. Separate product volume from water volume using magnetostrictive level probes, volumes can be compensated based on temperature. Our probes measure with a high resolution of 0.01mm with a final accuracy of 0.5mm

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Meet Our Clients

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Don't just take our words for it, see our growing list of satisfied stations. We invite you to join the list.

Meet Our Clients

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Don't just take our words for it, see our growing list of satisfied stations. We invite you to join the list.